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Fresh to death

Exo, Baekhyun/Kai, NC-17
Sequel to Drippin' Swagu (you probably would want to read it first), still Sk8r boiz AU now with alt title: Skateboarding Is Practically Foreplay For These Boys Anyway
~3500 words
Warnings: Sexual content, swearing, once again way too much talk about skating.

A/N: Because horny dbags are fun to write and I wanted to give writing Baekhyun a try. I've done my best to keep sexual content good and consensual (this is a great guide on writing good consent for anyone interested) but it's a little difficult when your characters are, well, horny dbags. If anything needs to be added to the warnings, please let me know. As a general note, I stick to stage names/pseudonyms when ever I can.


When Baekhyun leaves work the first thing he notices is the fresh bite of approaching autumn, made obvious by the sinking afternoon sun. Kai is waiting outside, leaned against a mailbox with peeling paint, and when he sees Baekhyun he immediately stands to attention, grabbing his board before relaxing to lean back again. He fiddles with the wheels, spinning them almost anxiously.

“Hey,” he says, ducking his head and hiding his smile as Baekhyun knocks his fist against his, dropping his board and clipping on his helmet. “I’ve got schoolwork I need to do, but you could still come over?” Baekhyun nods, pleasantly surprised – by some unspoken agreement they generally ended up hang out on neutral ground, where they didn’t have to worry about prying families. They set off down the wide main road, passing familiar shops, the bakery, the hotel on the corner.

Baekhyun can tell that something is bothering Kai, that something has set him on edge; he fidgets about as they ride and won’t stop weaving backwards and forwards in front of him on the worn pavement. Baekhyun isn’t sure if this is the sort of disquiet that needs a “stop fucking cutting me off I’m trying to skate here, also, what’s wrong,” or something he should ignore, so he chooses the easier option. Kai generally avoids any attempts to shoot the shit about anything serious, distracting Baekhyun with stories of Sehun’s latest disaster date, or a new board model announcement, or with too-curious fingers at his waist and Kai’s mouth licking into his. Their arrangement, whatever it is, doesn’t involve a lot of sappy shit, which suits Baekhyun just fine - a lot of skating and hanging out with the others or better still, Kai pulling him against a flat surface somewhere, mouth hot and secret against his.

When they get to Kai’s place they dump their boards round the back and Kai clatters inside, speeding past his mother with a hurried “Hi mom, bye mom!”

 Baekhyun, still caught halfway in between the flyscreen door and inside, smiles at Ms Kim as genuinely as he can as he walks in, trying to wrap up an apology and a hello-nice-to-see-you all in one. Baekhyun knows that Kai would prefer to avoid all this, but Baekhyun was brought up to be polite to his elders and fuck it, he would rather Ms Kim like him than not. 

“Here, let me help you,” he says, moving around the kitchen counter and helping her manoeuvre a particularly large casserole dish into the oven. The kitchen is small, well used but clean, with home-made curtains on the window above the sink.  The intimate domesticity of it makes Baekhyun feel like an intruder. 

“Thanks,” she says, “You’re Baekhyun, aren’t you? Kai said that you were studying at college.” Baekhyun can feel the absurdity of the situation unbalancing him, the fact that Ms Kim, Kai’s mother, is asking about his life when if she had any suspicion of what he’s doing with her son she’d probably try and kill him. He says a yeah, trying to keep the wariness out of his voice, and begins to explain to her about his engineering and design course. Kai had introduced them before at some run-in with the mates in town, but they had never had the opportunity to actually speak, and as he explains to her about this semester’s work he feels himself loosening up, watching her stack dishes and-

Mom,” Kai whines from the hallway, in the age-old tone of irritated and embarrassed-by-his-parents teenager. As Baekhyun rolls his eyes and mutters “Sorry about him,” Ms Kim gives an exasperated “I’m sorry about Kai, I know I taught him better manners than that.” There’s a moment of fraught silence and a quiet voice in the back of Baekhyun’s head wonders if his apology was too caring, too possessive, too obvious, but Ms Kim just laughs and pushes gently at his shoulder.  He smiles, relieved, and some of the tension in the air is dispelled.

“Go on, go use your college smarts and help him with his homework. Lord knows he needs it,” she says, tone close to motherly clucking, and he hurries to make it into Kai’s room before he can swing the door shut.

Kai doesn’t look at him as he quietly locks the door and settles in at his desk, reaching for his textbooks and laptop, so Baekhyun moves over and hooks his chin over Kai’s shoulder. Kai tries to shrug him off, but Baekhyun just throws his arm over Kai’s other shoulder.

He keeps his tone soothing, trying to placate Kai’s tetchiness, knowing that he’s undoubtedly just as aware as Baekhyun of the precariousness of his conversation with Kai’s mother.  “Stop freaking out, it would be weird if I never talked to her. She was just asking me about college. She likes me.”

“Of course she does,” Kai mutters sarcastically, but Baekhyun notes with satisfaction the way that his shoulders relax. “Write my history paper?”

Baekhyun snorts. “Do your own work, idiot. I’ll make it worth your while.” He says it deliberately playful and teasing, but whispers it close to Kai’s ear – it serves a double purpose in making sure that Kai’s mom doesn’t hear, as well as provoking the satisfyingly scandalised look that Kai turns to shoot at him. 

Baekhyun rummages as quietly as he can under Kai’s bed, pushing aside cardboard boxes and the odd shirt or shoe, and eventually finds a stack of dusty comics behind an old snapped deck, free of its trucks and wheels. He hauls the comics out and leans against the bedframe, flicking through an old issue of Batman but not really reading it. Instead, he takes the opportunity to look around – the desk opposite him, with faded stickers on the legs, battered with scratches, a small wardrobe near the end of the bed with a mess of clothes pushing the door ajar. The far wall is covered in posters of various hip-hop artists, rock bands and skaters.  As he moves on to another comic he sees that the restlessness from before is back, Kai’s knee bouncing and his pen tapping insistently on the edge of his laptop.

“What’s wrong? Am I too distracting?” Baekhyun tries for his most rakish expression, but when Kai turns his face is oddly concentrated and intense. He doesn’t even bother to throw anything at Baekhyun in annoyance.

“I have,” Kai says, licking his lips in what looks like nervousness, “an Idea.”

Baekhyun notices the capital i with a growing sense of foreboding. Whatever capital-i-Idea Kai has, it’s one that makes Kai’s face light up in a way that only the threat of extensive bodily injury can. Baekhyun shoves some of the comics back under the bed and says, “Okay. Shoot.”

Kai can’t even keep still on his swivel chair, swinging side to side as he says in a rush, “You know Sehun’s uncle’s place? With the hill I was talking about? We should go bomb it sometime. Soon. You know the one?”

Baekhyun realises with a plummeting stomach that yes, he does know the one. It’s infamous for record speeds and bad injuries. It’s long, it’s steep, and it’s not for beginners like him. “Just because I’ve been practicing doesn’t mean I’m any less shit at longboarding you know,” he says, but a smile is already pulling at Kai’s mouth.

“I’ll make it worth your while?”

Baekhyun freezes up, and then does his best to sound casual as he says, “I’d like to see you fucking try.”  

Kai’s smile goes full blown then, and he holds Baekhyun’s stare for a long, heavy moment before turning back to his work. For all of Baekhyun’s remarks, he’s all too aware that this is new to Kai, that there are borders to push and to pull and to whisper over but not to cross. Kai backing up his general nature as a teasing little shit with weighty hints of fulfilment is definitely something…unexpected.

Thrilling in a slightly terrifying, runaway-train sort of way, but unexpected. 


Kai turns up at Baekhyun’s house early on Saturday morning. It’s the coldest day in a while, worse for the earliness, and the air snaps with the chill when Baekhyun opens the front door. Kai hops from foot to foot on the path to keep himself warm as Baekhyun says a goodbye to his mother in the doorway. Baekhyun makes his breath steam in front of him as he spins the car keys in his hand, hitting the lock and popping the trunk for Kai to toss his board and helmet next to Baekhyun’s.

“Cold ride?” he asks as they pull away, the crappy aircon in the car straining to heat the space.

“Froze my tits off,” Kai says bitterly into the collar of his hoodie, and Baekhyun lets out a laugh as Kai holds his hands against the air-vents in a vain attempt to warm up faster. They’re both still sleepy with the morning chilliness and the drive passes without much conversation, just the tinny radio playing softly. When they’re making their way up a rocky driveway Kai stretches and yawns, shirt riding up to show his stomach, and Baekhyun gets him back for falling asleep on him by pressing his cold hand against the hot, sensitive skin near his hip. Kai lets out an indignant squawk, but before Kai can sock him in the face Baekhyun throws up a hand and says “Driver! Driver’s off limits.”

Kai scowls at him but hold his punch. When they reach the gate to get up to the hill Kai leaps out to open it, and when he climbs back in he doesn’t bother to put his seatbelt back on. He just stares out the window, watching the larger, darker woodlands, with leaves and ground wet with dew. They pull up soon after, parking in the dirt by the side of the road and hauling out their boards. They turn to look appraisingly at the ride ahead of them and Kai takes the opportunity to give him a payback punch.

“Shove off, you want me to check your board or not?” Baekhyun gets a scoff in return but Kai flips his board anyway and Baekhyun crouches next to it.  He grabs his toolset and makes sure that the trucks are tight enough, safe and stable for the faster and more demanding ride. He double checks the wheels just to be sure. While Kai’s been longboarding longer, Baekhyun’s mechanical knowledge is more suited than Kai’s intuitive approach for making sure that something doesn’t blow out under them at break-neck speed.

They toss their jumpers into the car to reduce drag and Baekhyun lets Kai lead the way, doing a couple of warm-up carves and slides before settling in behind him, tucking his arms close and crouching low. The wind pulls at Baekhyun’s clothes and face and the stomach-rolling feel grows quickly, the feeling that comes with the knowledge that at this speed, if you fuck up, you’re gonna get fucked up. The sound of the wheels on the road is overwhelming, compounded by the blur of trees rushing past, and Baekhyun is barely even aware of Kai in his peripheral vision. The sound of his breathing is large and harsh in his ears, his skin feeling electric and frozen pressed against the leaden heat of his muscles. His heart feels thin, fast, delicate, lodged small in his chest cavity.

 He's infinitely heavy against the board as they reach the steepest part of the hill, pressing down and faster and faster, each minute shift of weight closer to a speed-wobble that could dump him on the road to be torn up by asphalt.  He feels more than hears the scream that rips from his throat, just another part of the inevitable –there’s nothing that Baekhyun controls anymore, no way for him to emergency slide or back out. He just has to sit tight and try not to throw up all over himself before the end.

When they finally run out of hill Baekhyun stumbles off with legs than feel closer to chunky air than to flesh and bone, and he wobbles over to where Kai has his hands on his knees, doubled over with hoarse, hysterical laughter.

“Oh my god we actually did it,” Kai gasps, and he lunges for what he probably meant to be a hug, but they end up sprawled on the ground, Kai shaking against Baekhyun’s side. The sturdiness of the ground underneath and the bulk of Kai pressing down are anchoring in a comforting way. The adrenalin coursing through him makes Baekhyun feel like without them, he could possibly just float off, never to be seen again.

“I’m not dead,” Baekhyun says dazedly, counting off his limbs, and Kai manages a rasping laugh pressed into his chest.

“No, no you’re not,” Kai says, and they lay there for a while, just listening as their breathing eventually slows and enjoying the growing warmth as the sun burns through the cloud cover. Kai moves off and helps to pull Baekhyun to his feet. This is something that Kai has more experience at, certainly, but he’s just as unsteady as they make their way up the hill. Baekhyun’s brain fires haphazardly, stuck on odd thoughts – I’m not dead. The way that Kai’s hair licks across his cheek, sweaty and mussed. I’m not dead. The feel of Kai’s arm slung over his shoulder, fingers playing with his sleeve. I’m not dead.


They chuck their boards into the trunk and Baekhyun slams it closed as best as he can, his arms still weak and noodley. He moves towards the driver’s door but Kai catches his wrist.

“I said I’d make this worth your while,” he murmurs, voice low and still gruff from shouting. The side of his mouth pulls up in a smirk, showing Kai’s teeth sharp and white, and Baekhyun licks his lips. He’s still shaky and loose with adrenalin but he feels his stomach drop anyway.

“And how do you think you’re gonna do that,” Baekhyun says as disinterestedly as he can manage, keeping his eyes low but his body open, leaned in towards Kai. As forward and brash as Kai can be, he’s also flighty, and Baekhyun feels like he’s walking the edge of some precipice as Kai gently pushes him against the trunk of his car. Kai’s hand still trembles with the high of the skate as he runs it up the side of Baekhyun’s neck, absent-mindedly stroking at his jaw as he kisses him.

“I was thinking that I would blow you,” he presses the words into Baekhyun’s mouth, his jaw, and Baekhyun does his best to hide his surprised twitch. He blames his oversensitivity on the skating and settles his hands on Kai’s hips, leaning back into the car.

“What makes you think I’ll let you?” Baekhyun asks, digging his fingers in a little, but Kai just hums noncommittally and tugs harshly at Baekhyun’s belt-loops, pulling him flush against him. Baekhyun presses his thigh between Kai’s in retaliation for the rough-handling and is pleased to note the way that Kai pulls away, planting his hands on the trunk either side of Baekhyun for support as he tries to catch his breath.

“You know, this was already worth my while,” Baekhyun tries to hint gently, nudging at his jaw for better access to the sensitive skin between his neck and collarbone. Kai shivers but pulls back, his eyebrows drawn in irritation.

“You think I would do this if I didn’t want to?” Kai says, his tone offended as he pinches at Baekhyun’s arm. Baekhyun bares his teeth and hisses as he rubs at his arm.

“No, asshole, you know what I meant.  Obligatory blow jobs are no fun.”

Kai just rolls his eyes, but he kisses Baekhyun gently, close-mouthed and oddly chaste as a silent thanks before trying to undo the fly of Baekhyun’s jeans, forehead against the crook of Baekhyun’s neck. Baekhyun untangles Kai’s hands from his fly and hops up onto the trunk of his car, suspension squeaking slightly as he wiggles back. Kai looks at him in confusion, hands spread wide and sliding up Baekhyun’s thighs against the coarse denim of his jeans.

“What-“ But Kai’s question is cut off by Baekhyun leaning down to press his mouth against his, dirtier than before, and when Baekhyun pulls back and tugs on Kai’s hair to get his attention his eyes are glazed and unfocused.

“You’re not gonna kneel in the fuckin’ gravel.”

Baekhyun fights the urge to grin at Kai’s expression as Kai blinks at him, rendered momentarily speechless. “Oh- uh, right-” he says, and Baekhyun can’t help the spreading warmth in the pit of his stomach as he leans back on his arms and Kai pulls at his jeans.

Kai stills then, eyes flicking up to Baekhyun’s nervously, and Baekhyun pulls him back up for another kiss, open-mouthed and slow.

“Yeah sure, take all day,” Baekhyun whispers, pitching his voice teasing and quiet, trying to strike the balance of not pressuring Kai but provoking him enough to drop the self-consciousness and get the fuck on with it. It has the desired effect, Kai’s eyebrows twitching at the challenge, and he kisses down Baekhyun’s stomach to lick at the skin just above the line of his underwear.

Baekhyun’s head thunks against the glass of the back-window when Kai finally leans down, pulling aside his boxers and licking a hot stripe up his dick. Kai is slow and exploratory as he takes him into his mouth and Baekhyun buries his hands in Kai’s hair, searching for purchase. He feels hyper-aware of the slick heat of Kai’s mouth, of the denim rubbing against his thighs, of the cool metal under his arse. Kai is artless but enthusiastic, and the wet, dirty sound of his mouth on Baekhyun’s cock is almost unbearably loud against the quiet of forest. Baekhyun runs a hand down Kai’s bare arm, watching goose-bumps chasing his fingers, and Kai pulls off gasping to press his face against Baekhyun’s hip. Kai grabs at his hand and holds his fingers as Baekhyun cards his other hand through Kai’s hair, and Baekhyun shivers at the sensation of sudden cool air on him in the moment of quiet. Kai murmurs something against Baekhyun’s skin as he kisses his way back, doing his best to swallow Baekhyun, throat working and his tongue tracing patterns while his fingers press imprints into Baekhyun’s skin. Baekhyun’s heartbeat is hard against his ribs and he keeps himself pressed back against the car to stop himself from pushing up into Kai’s mouth, his legs twitching with the effort as he gets closer to the edge.

Baekhyun knows that Kai isn’t watching for the signs, doesn’t know the way he tenses and pitches forward - and it’s really fucking tempting to let him blow him to orgasm, but Kai would probably kill him and the trauma might prevent future blowjobs-so- so-

Baekhyun yanks at Kai’s hair, pulling him off almost too late and pushing at his shoulders as he tries not to get cum on his jeans. When he flops back onto the car, boneless and warm, it’s hard not to just close his eyes and doze-

“You came on my face.”

Baekhyun manages an mmmmm? and peeks out of one eye as Kai repeats, sounding slightly shell-shocked, “You came. On my face.”  Kai’s expression is almost comically pissed off, his hands bunched in Baekhyun’s jeans as he leans up again, his cheeks matching the spit-slicked red of his mouth. Baekhyun sits up and laughs – it’s barely anything, really, just a smear across his cheek – and he pulls Kai’s chin up to turn his face from side to side, admiring his handiwork. He interrupts Kai before he can start with my face you dickbag, do you ever think you are getting a blow-job again and says lazily, “You’re right, I got it right- here-” and he does his best to rub it off with his thumb while Kai waits patiently, head tilted back carefully and throat exposed for all that he’s trying to murder Baekhyun with his eyes.

Baekhyun quiets him with a kiss to the mouth, Kai trying to let out a harrumph before he relaxes and kisses back. Baekhyun slides off the car, cleaning up as best as he can and doing up his jeans. He leans up on his toes to kiss Kai on the cheek, soft on the spot that was messy with his cum only moments before. Kai shivers against him, and Baekhyun still feels odd, like his body doesn’t quite understand how to be grounded, but the nervous energy under his skin is replaced by honey-slow lethargy. It’s tempting to just lay down in the back-seat and fall asleep in a tangle of limbs, but he has an afternoon shift, and Kai has schoolwork to do – real life, he thinks with a sigh.  

“You fucking owe me,” Kai says, an afterthought as they clamber into their seats.

“Screw you,” Baekhyun throws back, too peaceful to really think properly as he pulls away, and his eyes dart to Kai as he realises. He just looks sideways at Baekhyun before punching him in the thigh.

“Ow! Driver’s off-limits, you tosser,” but no matter how indignant Baekhyun tries to make himself sound, he can’t stop the dumb grin that mirrors Kai’s own.

PSA: Unprotected oral sex can lead to nasties! Stay safe everyone!

A/N: Thanks for reading! Feedback welcome, especially regarding sexy stuff lol OTL
Tags: character: baekhyun, character: kai, fandom: exo, pairing: baekhyun/kai, sk8er bois au

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  • Headed to Hell for Heaven's sakes

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